Anti-Reflective Coating

WattGlass AR coating was developed by CEO, Corey Thompson, during his PhD research on nanoparticle coatings for glass at the University of Arkansas. This quickly lead to patenting of the technology, an exclusive license, and continuing research based on the core technology. 

This technology includes: 

  • Industry leading optical performance​​.

  • Self-cleaning hydrophilic properties.

  • Fog resistance.

  • High durability.

  • Producing more power and cost-effective solar panels.

  • A water-based solution.

  • Environmentally friendly, green chemistry.

  • Drop-in solution for glass manufacturing lines.

WattGlass is Hydrophilic
Anti-Fogging & Self-Cleaning

Transmitance of WattGlass Coating vs. leading competitors. In addition to sheer performace advantage, WattGlass coatings also offer lower costs without toxic materials.

Demonstration of solar weighted transmitance gains for WattGlass coated solar pannel over that of traditional solar pannel produced using bare glass.

WattGlass Coating Overview

WattGlass Anti-Reflective Coating  (ARC) virtually eliminates reflection, glare, and fogging. Our proprietary nanoparticle coatings have been implemented on glass and other transparent materials.

Whether the application is automotive, consumer goods, architectual glass, or solar photovoltaics (PV), there are always the hidden costs for cleaning glass, and for certian applications, perfermance degredation associated with fog. For the solar industry WattGlass can offer decreased labor costs associated with periodic cleaning, and increased energy production due to a perpetually cleaner and fog free pannel. 

WattGlass has addressed and overcome many of the issues typical of other antireflective coatings (ARCs): things such as toxicity, shelf life, and durability. WattGlass is happy to offer a non-toxic, water based, long shelf-life solution to existing ARC techologies that is easily implemented as a drop in replacement. 


To our knowledge, WattGlass ARC is the most cost effective and environmentaly friendly solution that exists in the market today.