WattGlass Solar ARC

Solar ARC is a proprietary nanoparticle coating that virtually eliminates reflection, glare and fogging on glass and other transparent materials. The coating is cost effective and is comprised of well understood and commercially available materials. 


Solar ARC surpasses the performance of conventional coatings and is resistant to particulate soiling while remaining non-hazardous and 100% water-based. Typically, these coatings result in tradeoffs between performance and functionality and utilize hazardous materials such as solvents, acids, and fluorocarbons.

Not with WattGlass.

More Power

WattGlass Solar ARC has repeatedly demonstrated

greater than a 3% increase in optical transmission on all types of solar glass.


WattGlass Anti-Reflective coatings significatly decrease soiling on solar glass in a wide range of environments.


Save on overhead and eco-costs to the environment by adopting our water-based AR Coating for your solar panels.

WattGlass Transmittance Gain.png

High Performance

Along with increased power, lower costs, and safer materials, WattGlass  coatings have long shelf-lives and two distinct formulations - one for high temp (HT) cure and one for low temp (LT) cures. HT is optimized as a drop-in solution for tempering lines and LT is used in manufacturing that does not allow for tempering-level temperatures.


WattGlass Solar ARC holds up strongly to industry standard durability and reliability testing. After 1000 cycles of abrasion testing to EN1096.2, our coating showed less than 0.15% in degradation of the solar weighted transmittance. [[IEC certifications?]]

Safe Materials

The WattGlass team pioneered a novel water-based anti-reflective coating for solar glass which cuts overhead costs for the industry standard solvent-based chemistry used in anti-reflective coatings. WattGlass coatings also have the added benefits of being better for the environment and make waste protocols simpler to adhere to.


WG Coated Glass
Bare Glass

Fabricated from an aqueous nanoparticle solution with a proprietary binder, WattGlass ARC is resistant to particulate soiling as a result of it's superhydrophilic surface chemistry that reduces adhesion of dust and dirt. Below are actual images taken with a microscope in a controled experiment between bare glass and WattGlass ARC on soiling performance.

Roll Coater_1.png

Drop-In Solution

On top of the various benefits of WattGlass Solar ARC, it is easily dropped into production roll coater lines. WattGlass is cost-competitive and prepared to demo production test-runs.

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