WattGlass Announces Introduction of WattGlass ARL for Lighting Applications

WattGlass, a Fayetteville, Arkansas based nanomaterials and coatings company is happy to announce the introduction of WattGlass ARL for Lighting Applications. Building on our core technology for the solar industry, we have developed a unique solution for lighting manufacturers to increase luminaire efficiency. Flat glass lenses are used in a variety of road and area lighting applications where the angle of incidence (AOI) of produced light can be as high as 80˚. By customizing the coating for each application, we allow the luminaire designer to specify the desired AOI for maximum transmission of light. In a recent customer-led study, we found that we could increase the amount of light produced at 70˚ by over 15% with WattGlass ARL, while also increasing total lumen output by 6%. This allowed the luminaire designer to optimize the reflector to more evenly illuminate the area and increase the specified distance between lighting poles resulting in reduced project costs. Contact us today to learn more!

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