YingLi Partnership with WattGlass

WattGlass has announced a new partnership with Yingli Solar, one of the world's leading solar module manufacturers!

Moving into working relationships with key players in the solar industry is a big step for WattGlass. As we grow, leveraging strategic partnerships in the industry is essential to successfully penetrate the value chain for solar modules.

Over the past few years, we have have developed our coating to create value for all stakeholders in the solar supply chain. This includes building relationships with glass manufacturers and fabricators, module assemblers, distributors, and research institutions. The announcement of this partnership for further testing and evaluation signals an exciting success for WattGlass in demonstrating this value to leading module makers.

Our current SunShot Award enables WattGlass to conduct live, in-field demonstration projects to verify the performance of our coating. We are excited that through this partnership, Yingli modules will be included in these test arrays. This collaboration also provides WattGlass with a tremendous opportunity to be tapped directly into the supply chain.

In addition to WattGlass being anti-reflective, anti-soiling, and anti-fogging, there are little-to-no technological barriers to entry and our coating is easily applied using current solar glass coating lines. We are looking forward to a mutually beneficial relationship with Yingli Solar and helping increase nameplate power output, reduce soiling losses, and reduce LCOE on YingLi's modules!

Read the full press release here.

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