Maximum Performance

100% Water-Based



WattGlass coatings enable unique opportunities to increase luminaire efficiency decrease the cost of area lighting



By replacing solvents and acids in the glass coating process, WattGlass coatings provide a sustainable alternative to current coatings while increasing module performance 


WattGlass coatings virtually eliminate reflection, glare and fogging on glass and other transparent materials using a proprietary water-based nanoparticle coating. The coating is cost effective and is comprised of well understood and commercially available materials. WattGlass currently offers products for LED Lighting, Solar, and Anti-fog/frost applications, and has the in-house development capabilities to provide custom solutions. 

WattGlass was founded in 2014 to commercialize a novel nanoparticle glass coating developed at the University of Arkansas by our CEO during his PhD research. Through our continued research and development, we've demonstrated that water-based coatings provide a sustainable alternative to current solutions on the market.


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