WattGlass ArcLight

ArcLight increases luminaire efficiency, optical performance, and light distribution for a wide range of lighting products. With a low index of refraction, this coating allows up to 7% more light through glass which renders the glass virtually invisible. 


This technology is easily integrated as a drop-in solution to any glass fabrication process. ArcLight provides excellent light transmission across the entire visible spectra and results in a neutral reflection color which is hardly noticeable. 


There is an especially enhanced transmittance for blue wavelengths which are critical for LED performance.

More Light

WattGlass ArcLight has repeatedly demonstrated

a 7% increase in optical transmission on a wide range of different types of glass.

Less Dust

WattGlass Anti-Reflective coatings significatly decrease soiling on glass in a wide range of lighting environments.


Save on overhead costs to your company and eco-costs to the environment by adopting our water-based AR Coating for your lighting applications.

WattGlass Transmittance Gain.png

High Performance

On top of increased power, lower costs, and safer materials, WattGlass  coatings have long shelf-lives and two distinct formulations - one for high temp (HT) cure and one for low temp (LT) cures. HT is optimized as a drop-in solution for tempering lines and LT is used in manufacturing that does not allow for tempering-level temperatures.


WattGlass Solar ARC holds up strongly to industry standard durability and reliability testing. After 1000 cycles of abrasion testing to EN1096.2, our coating showed less than 0.15% in degradation of the solar weighted transmittance. [[IEC certifications?]]

Safe Materials

The WattGlass team pioneered a novel water-based anti-reflective coating for solar glass which cuts overhead costs for the industry standard solvent-based chemistry used in anti-reflective coatings. WattGlass coatings also have the added benefits of being better for the environment and make waste protocols simpler to adhere to.

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