Improved Performance

Water-based  ·  Eco-friendly  ·  Nonhazardous

WattGlass coatings are a completely water-based solution that replaces the current hazardous materials required to deposit coatings onto glass for solar, LED lighting, and other glass applications. With demonstrated performance that exceeds other options in the market, WattGlass is a clear choice to reduce operating costs and hazards while providing capabilities that no other coating on the market can match. 

Who We Are

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WattGlass, Inc is an Arkansas-based nanoscale materials company that specializes in functional coatings for solar, LED lighting, and anti-fog applications in a global marketplace.

Innovative research drives us to be the leading force for coatings that efficiently deliver cost-effective solutions to our customers.


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Increased efficiency is at our core

The reflection of light from the surface of glass is detrimental in many applications. In the solar market, reflection prevents light from being converted into electricity. WattGlass coatings have been demonstrated in the field to produce up to 3.5% more power than uncoated glass, and up to 1% more that competing coatings.

In lighting applications, reflection from the glass results in increased power consumption and nonuniform distribution of light. With WattGlass coatings, up to 15% more light is transmitted at 70˚, meaning light poles can be placed further apart with less power required.

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 Solar Glass 

WattGlass ARS increases optical transmission by up to 3% and reduces costs by hazardous chemicals. Field deployments have demonstrated greater than 1% improvement in output power over competing coatings in the market.


 LED Lighting 

WattGlass ARL provides tunable platform to optimize light transmission from normal incidence up to 70˚. This level of customization provides uniform light distribution whether you are lighting a roadway, parking lot, or spotlighting a stage.



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